Office 2010 Trial 60 days

Just sharing quickly :

Office 2010 Trial – 60 days – still could be downloaded from Microsoft, but from direct download link:

Some valid Trial Key is : 6RX4C-D2GFT-7QFM4-C438M-4FD26 (found somewhere over internet).

This is Polish version, but potentially you could experiment with above link to get English one.
Solution found here .

More resources on Office 2010 Trials : Gumux Ranger blog .
Especially direct download links witch I’ll copy:

Direct download link for Office 2010 x86 (32-bit)
Direct Download link for Office 2010 x64 (64-bit)

It could be useful to install on some virtual / development / temporary machines when your Office 2013 trial has expired.
Some Office 2013 Trials downloads: here , here .
So in theory you could have 60 + 60 days of trial Office – a long time that makes the difference.

Office 2007 : Avi Rulz blog .



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