The best Laptop coolers technical comparison

I’ve found good reliable technical review of various laptop coolers, based on few technical parameters, but the most crucial ones are :

  • Air Circulation [cubic feet per minute]
  • Noise Level – loudness – [dbA – decibels]


I’ve bought #5 : Cooler Master NotePal X3 , if anyone is interested i can share some thoughts after some time of using it.
What I can already tell : it has “Fan Speed” knob & fan on/off button – so it’s very useful.
Update: After a few days of usage ate work I can tell : it’s excellent.
Very quiet. Big stream of air.
One small detail seen on my powerful ‘business’ MSI laptop – the right down edge of laptop is little warm,
one central fan of “Cooler Master NotePal X3” is unable to equally cool all the notebook bottom area (edges).
So the best for my MSI laptop looks like to be #4 or #9. But that’s only a guess.
Any way “Cooler Master NotePal X3” is very good.

At home I’m currently still using #6 “Targus Lap Chill Mat” and compared to above “Cooler Master NotePal X3” (used at work) … it’s a junk.
#6 Targus is very loud & very air ineffective. It cools only upper part of notebook back. But still it’s better than nothing.


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